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Sept.5-7,2017 Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center     
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2017 Speakers


Keynote:Cloud Strategies & Practices

Eric Hanselman

Eric Hanselman

Chief Analyst

451 Research

  • Eric Hanselman is the Chief Analyst at 451 Research, with more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. He has an extensive, hands-on understanding in the areas of networks, virtualization, security and semiconductors. He coordinates industry analysis across the broad portfolio of 451 Research disciplines. The convergence of forces across the technology landscape is creating tectonic shifts in the industry, including SDN/NFV, hyperconvergence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Eric helps 451 Research's clients navigate these turbulent waters and determine their impacts and how they can best capitalize on them.
    For more than 20 years, Eric has worked with segment leaders in a spectrum of technologies, most recently as CTO of Leostream Corporation, a virtualization management provider. Prior to that, Eric delivered security solutions for IBM and Internet Security Systems. At Wellfleet/Bay Networks, Sitara Networks and NEC, he was involved in the introduction of many new technologies ranging from high-performance image analysis to rollouts for IPv6.
  • Title: The Trouble With Exponents: Living with radical growth
    Abstract: Cloudy capabilities have changed the way in which we can think about scale. They have opened the door to wonderful opportunities and transformed the equations that we apply to managing risk. They have also created a world where there are new challenges posed by the dramatic growth in data that all of this activity generates. And it’s not just the volume of data that’s at issue. Data movement and access needs necessitate new means of management, if all of the cloudy promises are to be fulfilled. This session will dig into the problems and propose some approaches that can manage this radical growth.
Alexander Grbic

Alexander (Alex) Grbic

Vice President, Programmable Solutions Group

Intel Corporation Product Marketing and Planning

  • Alexander (Alex) Grbic is vice president of product marketing in the Programmable Solutions Group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for defining, promoting and managing innovative hardware, software and intellectual property (IP) products for Intel’s programmable logic solutions, spanning the full product lifecycle.
    Grbic joined Intel in 2015 with the acquisition of Altera Corporation, where he had spent the previous four years as senior director of software and IP marketing. He managed product planning and outbound marketing for multiple Altera products, including the Quartus II design software and IP cores, digital signal processing design tools, and Altera’s software development kit for OpenCL.
    Grbic earned bachelor’s and master’s of applied science degrees and a Ph.D. in computer engineering, all from the University in Toronto. He serves on the university’s ECE Board of Advisors and holds multiple patents in software design flows.
  • Title:Delivering Optimized Performance for Cloud Workloads
    Abstract: Increasing workload demands from real-time data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging applications are placing increased demands on the private, public and hybrid cloud. This presentation will investigate these challenges and Intel technology advances across the computing, storage and networking infrastructure to optimize workload performance. Learn how to increase performance, improve energy efficiency, and adapt to industry trends while benefitting Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Using these techniques can ultimately benefit society in areas such as communication, business, transportation and personal health.
Awing Huang

Awing Huang

Deputy General Manager

Guangdong Hotwon Network Co.,Ltd.

  • Mr. Awing is deputy general manager of “HOTWON” (short for Guangdong Hotwon Network Co.,Ltd. ) resource center. Market analysis and product planning at the IDC industry, is currently responsible for resource strategic layout Hotwon the whole network, the national resource procurement, product planning and design, IDC market trend analysis and business development strategy, responsible person and as the international division of IDC.
  • Title:High Performance Intensive Computing Power and Its Deployment
    Abstract: HOTWON network, has been committed to providing high-quality IT infrastructure, network communication and data application services for enterprise customers, boost the industry of enterprise customers to build and promote the enterprise big data, cloud computing, information and Data Center disaster recovery projects. A data center operation experience more than 10 years, the team has served hundreds of customers, including video, cloud computing and rendering, CDN, games, media, business, medical, social, financial, manufacturing and other industries.
    In recent years, the data on cloud computing has been one of the focus of the industry, especially the traffic, rendering, video transcoding, map positioning, face recognition and tracking, financial data operation and other industries, is a day of millions or even billion level data transmission and computation, the platform operation capacity, configuration, equipment and facilities operation environment deployment requirements is very high.
    In this way, we will share the implementation of HOTWON network for high performance intensive cloud computing platform in the rendering industry platform and equipment deployment, environment and energy saving energy consumption ratio, data link transmission at home and abroad customized solutions, through the implementation of the process of the solution that the implementation of study location, environment of data center early, still need to consider the factors of implementation process, to share and discuss by the vice chairman of the US cloud network and general manager of Mr. Liu with you.
Prem Jonnalagadda

Prem Jonnalagadda


Product Management, Barefoot Networks

  • Prem Jonnalagadda is responsible for Product Management at Barefoot Networks. He is also responsible for Community and Outreach at P4.org. Prior to Barefoot Networks, he held various technical leadership, marketing, and engineering management roles at companies including Broadcom, Intel, and Infosys. He has extensive experience in computer networking spanning software, hardware, ASICs, systems & architecture.
  • Title:SDN's Last Frontier and the Future of Networking - The Programmable Forwarding Plane
    Abstract: As the demand for delivery of new services grows in today's hyper-connected world, it is becoming difficult for the network to keep up with the pace at which these demands need to be met. At the core of the problem are devices that are built using fixed-function forwarding plane. Scaling or adding new features to these devices is a long, expensive and time-consuming process, one that does not keep pace with the speed of this digital transformation. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has opened up the control plane of the network but the forwarding plane is still closed and fixed. With the advent of P4 and programmable Ethernet switch silicon, it is now possible to create a network with the features you want. This brings the agility and speed of software to the network. This presentation will give an overview of P4, Barefoot Network's Tofino, and new use cases they enable.
Haiming Yang

Haiming Yang

Chief Architect

JD Cloud

  • Dr. Haiming Yang is the chief architect of jcloud. He is responsible for the cloud computing and big data platform since he joined JD in September 2015. He has established his reputation when he was the release architect of IBM cloud solution and IBM OpenStack open source development in China lab since 2012 to 2015; cloud platform director at hichina(Alicloud branch); and in charge of Cisco webex cloud platform in US at the infrastructure level since 2008 to 2012.
    Dr. Yang got his PhD degree in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy NY, and got his Master and Bachelor degrees at Tsinghua University.
  • Title:Retail as Service – JD Cloud supplies infrastructure for retail industry
    Abstract: Through the service capacity output by JD Cloud, JD group outputs its accumulated e-commerce, logistics, supply chain, and marketing ability in a modularized method to assist various industries to proceed Internet plus transition. Besides the fundamental IT and data analysis ability, JD Cloud gathers the ability of JD group to make integrated capacity output for JD group.
Yufeng Zhang

Yufeng Zhang



  • CTO of Internet Harbor, responsible for global R&D, product and eco-system. 20 years experiences across China and US in technical service, product management and marketing strategy roles in domains including network, communications, data center and cloud computing. Previously served as CTO of Brocade Greater China, as well as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise BU leader for APAC.
  • Title:Cloud Network Convergence Empowering Global Business Direct Connect
    Abstract: Internet has accelerated the flattening of our world and globalization of our economy. Cloud computing has disrupted the ways IT has been delivered and consumed. In the second half of the digital evolution game, open unassured traditional Internet connections and random un-optimized cloud service consumption are gradually becoming the past. Nonstop upgrade of enterprise business and user experience are relentlessly driving hybrid and federated multi-cloud management and optimization, as well as a new genre of global direct connect intra-enterprise, enterprise to cloud, and enterprise to eco partners. Business direct connect empowered by cloud network convergence is quickly becoming the new normal of our global digital economy.
Ajay Malik

Ajay Malik

CTO & Founder, Lunera

Former Head of Architect, Google

  • Ex-Google, Ajay Malik is CTO & Founder of Lunera and responsible for creating the vision for the company; lead the technology development to realize this vision and evangelize the technical approach. With over 25 years of executive engineering leadership and entrepreneurial experience in delivering award-winning innovative products, Ajay joined Lunera from Google, where he was head of architecture and engineering for the worldwide corporate networking business. Prior to Google, Ajay was senior vice president of engineering and products at Meru Networks where he led the transformation of the company’s technology resulting in its acquisition by Fortinet. Ajay has also held executive leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Motorola. Ajay is the author of “RTLS for Dummies” and “Augmented Reality for Dummies”.
  • Title:Artificial Intelligence for Wi-Fi Networks
    Abstract: Wi-Fi has moved from a nascent technology to one that is core enabler of digitalized user experience. It is at center of Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Real Time Location (RTLS), and Smart devices, to name just a few. And, yet, even after years of evolution and innovation, wireless networks today require hands and heads. There is a need for an autonomic wireless management system that “watches” the network, “understands” normal functioning, “analyzes” real-time performance against norms and then “acts” to automatically solve known problems. This is where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence comes in. I anticipate that future Wi-Fi networks would be completely dominated by AI. In this session, you will learn how artificial intelligence-enabled Wi-Fi network of tomorrow look like? How AI will help in delivering richer and differentiated user experiences, security and more.
Jim Reavis

Jim Reavis

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


  • For many years, Jim Reavis has worked in the information security industry, and his innovative thinking about emerging security trends have been published and presented widely throughout the industry and have influenced many. In addition to his role as co-founder, CEO and driving force of the Cloud Security Alliance. Jim has also been named as one of the Top 10 cloud computing leaders by SearchCloudComputing.com.
    Jim received a B.A. in Business Administration / Computer Science from Western Washington University in 1987,and was recognized as a WWU Distinguished Alumnus in 2015. In 2016, Jim was inducted into the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Hall of Fame.
  • Title:Cloud-enabled Security Automation: What Does Self-Driving Information Security Mean?
    Abstract: We know that AI, Blockchain, Analytics, Ambient technologies, IoT and Quantum Computing are among the trends that will significantly impact all industries in the years to come. In this presentation, Cloud Security Alliance CEO Jim Reavis will discuss future of IT, how these trends come into play and how Cloud Computing will provide the foundation for "Self-Driving Information Security"

Ke Shen

Deputy General Manager

China Unicom Shanghai Branch

  • Mr. Shen Ke is currently the Deputy General Manager at China Unicom Shanghai Branch, responsible for leading the organization’s innovative programs like ‘Account Management’, ‘Internet Application’, ‘Flow Management’, ‘Big Data Application’, ’Digital Transformation’. Shen has an extensive and hands-on understanding in areas of stock management, internet channels, new media, big data, Internet+, to name a few. In addition, he is also a reputed author and lecturer.

Xiang Duan

General Manager, Cloud Computing Products Dept

China Mobile Suzhou Research Institution

  • Duan is the General Manager of Cloud Computing Products Dept. at China Mobile Suzhou Research Institution, responsible for technology planning & development of ‘Big Cloud’ Products. Duan has decades of direct experiences in the scope of IT & Networking industry, spanning across computing, big data, SDN, etc. He is specialized in products planning and architecture design for cloud services in public, private & hybrid platforms.
  • Title: Integration of Cloud and Network: China Mobile for Smart Governmental Services
    Abstract: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are among the trends that will significantly affect the future development of informationization of government affairs. Leveraging on its advanced cloud computing and big data technology, China Mobile Suzhou Research Institute has accumulated extensive experiences in supporting digital transformation for state-owned enterprises. In this talk, the speaker will share with audience some successful cases accomplished by Suzhou Research Institute, and then give a comprehensive analysis of China Mobile’s smart solutions for governmental affairs & core technologies within.

Dr. Shuaiyu Wang


Beijing Co-op Tech Ltd.

  • Dr. Shuaiyu Wang, is the CEO of Beijing Co-op Tech Ltd. After finishing his PhD study at Beijing Institute of Technology in 2006, he joined China Mobile Research Asia and developed his career from project manager, project director, to department manager. Dr. Shuaiyu has grounded technology research background and a decade of hands-on experiences. Under his leadership, the innovation team of China Mobile has achieved remarkable progress, including the development of ‘the world’s largest soft-switching networking transformation, top design and deployment of ‘the world’s largest LTE core network’, top design and product realization ‘the China Mobile traffic management system’, as well as evolution and strategy planning for ‘China Mobile network’.
  • Title: Cloud Data, Empower Future - SinoBBD Cloud Launch Event
    Abstract: As a “national team” of big data & cloud computing, SinoBBD, a group established to the integration national policy. By seizing the opportunity of “integrated national big data center”, it has shaped the integrated business layout centering on CDN, SDN, international link, IDC, EDC, Cloud and Big Data, supporting China’s big data industry upgrade, development of national big data strategy and ecological empowerment of cloud computing technically as well as injecting subversive forces into the DT time.

Track:Industrial Application

Xin Luo

Xin Luo

Senior Director of PSDC Dep


  • Luo Xin is Senior Director of PSDC dep. BIH, responsible for Product Management/Solution Delivery. 10 years experience of technology management in Telecommunication Network,Datacenter Service,Cloud Computing. Previously served as Senior Manager of Product & Solution Delivery dept. in 21Vianet, as well as TSC manager in Alcatel-Lucent Service Provider Network BU, APAC.
  • Title:Globalization Strategy and Practice of BIH Hybrid Cloud Service
    Abstract: Increase rate of Internet users in China falls and Internet giants kept the large share of the market,and abroad Internet industry market space is very expanse. So there is a great chance for Chinese enterprises to expand the abroad market. But the business is getting higher and higher to the IT de’pdependence, if enterprises want to globalize,they should bulid the IT infrastructure interconnected with each global node or branch. Currently Internet VPN,IPLC,MPLS-VPN and direct connect service of public cloud to be used for global connection have their advantages and disadvantages,they can’t meet all the needs of cost,reliability,performance and efficiency.
    Aiming at the pressure points of customers’ global IT infrastructure,BIH builds a perfect hybrid cloud service system. BIH provides the industry leading international connection solution,including global datacenter colocation service,Internet IP network service and direct connect service with AWS and Aliyun ,etc. to help customers to build their hybrid cloud in a global context more easily.
Jacky Zhang

Jacky Zhang

Strategy Development GM


  • Zhang Xiaodong, has more than 16 years of work experience in the IT industry. Now days, worked in LeCloud Ltd as general manager of strategic development department, responsible for the LeCloud strategic development and investment, financing related work. Used worked in IBM, Oracle, HUAWEI Technology Ltd., Successively served as software technology experts, senior cloud architect, HUAWEI group strategy department, senior director, business VP and other positions. In cloud computing, big data, IoT and other fields have extensive experience, for enterprise IPO planning, investment, mergers and acquisitions and other aspects also have in-depth operational experience.
  • Title:The VaaS Strategy and Practice of LeCloud
    Abstract: The topic will introduce why LeCloud focus on the Video as a Service strategic positioning and the practice in the past 2 years. LeCloud is committed to vertical integrate IaaS, PaaS and SaaS with IDA as the gene, to build the Internet of things (IoT) + BigData + artificial intelligence (Data) (AI) technology advantages and provide the fusion computing, real-time transmission and data sharing platform. Adhering to the content advantages of LeCloud, to create innovative application scenarios.


Project Manager/Data scientist


  • Lin holds Master's Degree from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since then, he has been engaged in data mining, data analysis and machine learning solutions in operation, management and finance related to Internet+ Energy Industry.
  • Title:Application of Data Technology in Energy Industry
    Abstract: This presentation introduces the application of artificial intelligence and data technology in business of energy industry. Technologies used to reduce operational risk and energy consumption, and to improve operation efficiency will be mainly showcased. For example, how Petrochina identifies production process anomalies & risks? What’s its strategy to optimize process flow, operation maintenance & logistics? Etc.
Tree Qiu

Tree Qiu

Director , Cloud Business Division

Ping An Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd

  • Qiu have been working for Ping An Cloud since 2014 and taking charge of product development and market expanding of Ping An cloud now. Prior to joining Ping An, Qiu worked for H3C and Tencent. Based on rich work experiences, Qiu has a keen understanding of network, data center, cloud infrastructure, operation and technology innovation.
  • Title:How Small Cloud Grows in the Cracks
    Abstract: In cloud industry, there are so many “giants” who are superior in technology, funding and human resources. So their technology sharing always attract eyeballs, and their architectural philosophy, even PPTs are considered as model. At the same time, there are also some “rising stars”. They are very small and have few resources, so that it is very hard for them to survive and even catch up with giants. Having determination is not enough and wisdom is more important. Ping An Cloud will share our experience of innovation, development and customer trust gaining in the cracks of cloud industry with you.

Derek Deng

Director and Deputy General Manager

Guangdong Hotwon Network Co.,Ltd.

  • Mr. Derek, one of the promoters of “HOTWON” (short for Guangdong Hotwon Network Co.,Ltd. ), who is good at industry analysis and capital operation, is currently the director and vice general manager of HOTWON. He is mainly responsible for project planning and investment construction of internet data center, financing program design, as well as HOTWON’s business model development and resource strategy layout.

Track:Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Ying Shi

Ying Shi

Senior Cloud Architect

JD Cloud

  • Ying Shi is an experienced cloud architect, researcher, and software engineer. Currently working for Cloud Platform Business Unit of JD Cloud. She has 10 years’ ICT background coupled with strong experience through full software development life cycle. Before joining JD, she worked for Hitachi (China), Lenovo R&T, and Huawei GTS Business Group. She received the Ph.D. degree of Science in Electronic Engineering from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2006.
  • Title:Distributed Machine Learning Platform Running on Large-scale Container Cluster
    Abstract: The new AI product of JD Cloud, named Moonshot, provides strong distributed data processing capability. It is developed from JD’s rich experience in machine learning and big data fields and serves customers one-stop service including full program from raw data collecting to model training, e.g. data ingesting, data pre-processing, model training, model evaluation, and model serving. The underlay containerized cluster supports the system successfully in software/hardware resource management, scalability and efficiency optimization.

Dr. Xi Zhao


Big Social Data Analytics and Application Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Analytics

  • Dr. Xi Zhao, is the Distinguished Research Fellow of ‘Xi’an jiaotong University Youth Talent Support Plan’ at Xi’an Jiaotong University, School of Management. He is also the Director, Big Social Data Analytics and Application Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Analytics; Director of Shaanxi Engineering Research Center of Medical and Health Big Data; “Sanqing Talents”, Standing Committee Member of Intelligent Interface Committee of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI); and Standing Committee Member of Computer Application of China Computer Federation (CCF).
    Dr. Zhao received his Doctor’s Degree from école Centrale de Lyon, France, in 2010, and pursued further study in University of Houston, U.S, as a Research assistant professor in computer sciences.
  • Title: Big Social Data Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges from the Perspective of Massive Personal Behavioral Data
    Abstract: New computational sociology was first put forward in August 2014 in ‘New Computational Sociology Conference’ organized by American sociological scholars. It is a new research methodology that uses computational techniques, such as Internet & AI technologies, to acquire, analyze and visualize data. Through the usage of big data and machine learning, social phenomenon can be better examined and explained. The new approach is also believed to have great value in cross-discipline research, like sociology, computer science and public administration. The speaker will first give a brief overview of the research paradigm of computational sociology, followed by an in-detail description of the latest studies on massive individual behavioral data. At the end of the talk, he will also share with the audience more on the work his lab, particularly in big data analysis, models and visualization.
Shen Li

Shen Li

VP of Engineering


  • Shen Li is the VP of engineering of PingCAP and Tech Lead of TiDB. He was one of the core backend R&D staff for Netease Youdao dictionary. After Netease, he joined Qihoo 360 as the Tech Lead for the news recommended system of 360 News as well as the Tech Lead for the POI retrieval system of 360 Map.
  • Title:TiDB as a HTAP Database
    Abstract: TiDB is an open source distributed database. Inspired by the design of Google F1/Spanner, TiDB supports infinite horizontal scalability, strong consistency of distributed transaction, and high usability. The idea of TiDB is to provide users with an one-stop solution tailor-made by their specific demands on data storage and analysis. In this brief, therefore, we will mainly address
    (1) The overall architecture of TiDB and detailed processes to realize it
    (2) How TiDB stores large collections of data and empowers computation
    (3) How TiDB integrates the big data ecosystem, reducing big data analytical costs and the user threshold
Zikai Xiong

Zikai Xiong


Open01 Technology Limited

  • Dr Zikai Xiong :Ph.D., University of Cambridge; Bachelor of Peking University.
    Dr. Zikai Xiong is a composite elite with advanced international scientific background and many business experiences. Prior to setting up Open01 Technology Limited, he has worked in the world's top 500 enterprises, the global top consulting companies, the international financial analysis companies, and high-tech start-ups for many years. Dr. Zikai Xiong has accumulated rich management experience in investment analysis, business strategy and management consulting, marketing management, financial and other fields, and formed his advanced and unique insights for the industry and enterprise development, business model exploration, strategy and product direction selection, sales channel planning and management etc.
  • Title:Integrating and Mining Data from Multiple Platforms to Enhance Business Decision Support
    Abstract: How can the enterprise release the maximum value of the data and bring real benefits such as business growth and cost reduction? In our past experience, it is necessary to break through a variety of data barriers, and mining massive data within the enterprise or from outside the enterprise, to establish the high dimensional knowledge association. In this presentation, we will share how Open01 technology help enterprises to integrate data from multi platform, and through the AI algorithm, to establish the knowledge relation network in internal and external data of the enterprise so as to achieve the medium-term prediction analysis of a product, or through the business market environment modelling to mining potential business opportunities and give intelligent recommendation.

Dr. Zhenghong Yang

Chief Information Officer


  • Dr.Zhenghong Yang is a well-known big data expert in China. He graduated from State University at Stony Brook in the U.S. From 2003 to 2013, Dr. Yang was responsible for designing and developing the IBM Big Data software at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in California, where he led the design and implementation of big data software for the financial and insurance industry, as well as the government industry. In the meantime, Dr. Yang is a visiting professor at China University of Geosciences and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. With national patents, he was introduced as an overseas talent in Hubei Province in 2013, and later set up Wuhan Yunsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. Dr. Yang took part in the development of several standards for big data; was the expert consultant for network security in Hangzhou G20 Summit.
  • Title: Big Data Management Platform
    Abstract: Nowadays, big data is fully penetrated into various industries and government departments. They now regard data as strategic assets, and their strategies have been changing from “business-driven” to “data-driven”. Now the primary issues for big data management platforms are: how to collect, store and manage large volume of internal and external data; how to establish a perfect big data security system; how to build a unified big data service structure. These issues must be solved and they are the most crucial points of this presentation.

Track:Cloud Native Technologies & Practices

Chris Van Tuin

Chris Van Tuin

Chief Technologist, North America

Red Hat

  • Chris Van Tuin, Chief Technologist, NA West at Red Hat, has over 20 years of experience in IT and Software.Since joining Red Hat in 2005, Chris has been architecting solutions for strategic customers and partners and is a frequent speaker on DevOps, Security, and Containers. He started his career at Intel in IT and Managed Hosting followed by leadership roles in services and sales engineering at Loudcloud and Linux startups. Chris holds a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Title:A DevOps State of Mind: Continuous Security with Kubernetes
    Abstract: With the rise of DevOps, containers are at the brink of becoming a pervasive technology in Enterprise IT to accelerate application delivery for the business. When it comes to adopting containers in the enterprise, Security is the highest adoption barrier. Is your organization ready to address the security risks with containers for your DevOps environment?
    In this presentation, you'll learn about:
    - The top security risks with containers and how to manage these risks at scale including Images, Builds, Registry, Deployment, Hosts, Network, Storage, APIs, Monitoring/Logging, Federation.
    - How to make your Container enabled DevOps workflow more secure without slowing down your CI/CD pipeline
    - Automating security vulnerability management and compliance checking for container images
    Also, a demo of Kubernetes managing the container image lifecycle, automating container security scans, and deployment strategies for security updates at scale including Canary, Blue/Green deployments and A/B testing.
Richard Hou (PHD)

Richard Hou

China Strategy MKT Department Cloud Business Director


  • Mr. Hou has more than 10 years of the experiences in IT/ICT Industries. Richard specializes in Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing and Cloud Consulting service, etc. Richard has published a book (Co-author), many papers (SCI&EI index) related cloud computing, and as Research Scientist work with Tsinghua Future Information Technology Lab (CN), Argonne National Lab (USA) and Scalable Computing Software Lab (USA).
  • Title:Huawei Developer Cloud Platform Strategy and Practice
    Abstract: Facing the future, Huawei is committed to creating "platform + ecology" of the digital model. By providing innovative, differentiated, leading ICT hardware and software infrastructure ability, Huawei builds an open, flexible and secure platform that works with partners to help customers cope with digital transformation challenges and achieve business success. And strive to customer-centric, and ecological circle win-win situation, to build a sustainable development of the ecological system. The presentation will introduce the important components of the Huawei ecosystem, the framework of the developer platform ecology, and the practical results at this stage.
George Hurn-Maloney 马致杰

George Hurn-Maloney

General Manager & Founder, Greater China


  • George founded JFrog China in late 2016. The world famous DevOps platform used by Google, Apple, and Amazon is now being used by Chinese enterprises such as Tencent, Huawei, Didi Chuxing, and JD.com. Before founding JFrog China, George was Asia Director for Silicon Valley-based video advertising platform Vungle. George has more than 8 years of experience building data center, server, mobile application, and DevOps advanced software delivery platforms in China. In 2012, George worked with Baidu to launch the world's first production ARM server, a high-density storage system used for Baidu's WangPan storage service.
  • Title: One-Stop-Shop Software Delivery: The DevOps Transformation for Fortune 500 Giants Oracle, Cisco, and AIG
    Abstract: When you make the decision to transform your enterprise's software delivery and enable fast software releases through DevOps, tools and process planning are just the first steps to adoption. During this session, we will discuss what other factors enterprises must take into account to accelerate DevOps and share stories from Oracle, Cisco, and AIG.

Patrick Qian

Executive vice President and CTO

Sihua Technologies

  • Dr. Qian Ming, Co-founder, Executive vice President and CTO of SihuaTech. He is an expert in Internet, multimedia, telecom grade products and solution, and has been the leading member for product research and development in areas of video cloud, desktop cloud, virtualization, cloud storage, super fusion, container cloud and cloud data centre.
    Based on his rich experience in team management, Dr. Qian is specialized at making strategic deployments, grasping the future trends of the technology market, mastering the software & hardware product positioning, and improving the efficiency of development and marketing. In recent years, Dr.Qian Ming have been exploring the technologies of HCI, SDS, SDN, BigData, AI, CDN, virtualization, etc., and have promoted several cloud computing products to the market.
  • Title: Best Practices for Improving Distributed Storage Performance under Cloud Environment
    Abstract: In this brief, the speaker will first summarize some future directions that Sihua is heading forward to improve the performance of distributed storage under Cloud Environment, followed by a review on various design principles geared by different business needs, and benefits they can actually bring in. Performance bottlenecks that frequently appear in cloud storage will be introduced in classification, along with Sihua’s practices and results. At the end of the talk, advantages of Sihua’s technologies will be further examined through comparing the data before optimization and after.

Hui Zhuge

CEO of Bigger Yun & Spokesman of Shanda Group

  • Mr. Zhuge is the CEO of Bigger Yun & Spokesman of Shanda Group. He joined Shanda in 2006

Track:Software Defined Data Center & Cloud Management Platform


Fang Li

Founder & CEO


  • Li Fang achieved a master degree in Hamburg University of Technology and worked in Germany for two years after graduation. He has 15 years of experience in developing enterprise management software and team management and deep technical accumulation in terms of cloud computing and virtualization. He has multinational R&D team management experience while he served as former director of cloud management department in VMware China, technical director in multinational companies such as EMC / HP and domestic listed companies for many years.
  • Title:Operational Transformation of Cloud Data Center in Internet Era
    Abstract: In the Internet age, building a cloud data center is the key of which the data center meet the Internet needs of IT growth. This presentation focuses on how to optimize the operation of the cloud data center under the dual-state IT model, and put forward complete automation as the key point of operational optimization of the Software Defined Data Center. Then explain the importance of the cloud management platform in SDDC and how CMP can support the dual-state IT.
Yuebin Shen

Yuebin Shen

VP of R&D

Anchora Information Technologies, Ltd

  • Mr. Shen is in charge of research and development department in Anchora. Before joining Anchora, he has accumulated a wealth of experience by working in several fields spanning from software development to project management. He is equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in following fields: enterprise application development, large-scale website architecture, cloud computing, big data and information storage, etc. He has deep insights towards open source cloud technologies such as Hadoop, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Mr. Shen was invited to build fundamental cloud services for third-party websites, including distributed storage, distributed computing, and cloud databases. All these services and products have been successfully launched. In particular, he is responsible for the R&D and management of the whole MoPaaS project, which provides an integrated solution of IaaS and PaaS.
  • Title:Create an enterprise-class converged cloud platform
    Abstract: Enterprise-class converged cloud platform is designed to provide the fundamental support for enterprise application lifecycle from development, delivery to online operations. The key functions including source code management, continuous integration, automated testing, application hosting, middleware services, monitor & alarm and log processing, etc. The lecture will be mainly focused on introducing the relevant technologies of the open cloud platform such as Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, the core functional modules and the related solutions. In particular, it will amply introduce experiences about the following by using open source technologies like Docker/Kubernetes/Cloud Foundry: how to build converged cloud architecture and application runtime environment with middleware services; how to make the external access; the application of CI/CD on PaaS platform; how to achieve elastic expansion and DevOps; how to Monitor the platform and alarm in time; how to do log management and how to use Docker and Cloud Foundry together.>
Constantine Zeng

Constantine Zeng

Senior Product Manager, Cloud Computing Division


  • Constantine Zeng, Fiberhome communications cloud computing division senior product manager, focusing on the cloud computing industry for many years. Responsible for product planning and product development strategy customization of Fiberhome cloud management platform.
  • Title: Smart Age——Let The Elephant Dance
    Abstract: Build and operate efficiently data centre, response to varied needs of the times, and promote development and innovation.
    In the new Internet era, the traditional industries and new Internet model is through rapid integration of big data, cloud, interactive, mobile technology, rapid integration. How does the new enterprise IT architecture adapt to changing front-end requirements, how to respond to the flexible customer base, and how to control the huge infrastructure among the users? SDDC and CMP make that reality. Smart age is coming, let the elephant dance.
Feng Chen

Feng Chen

Manager, Cloud Computing Centre

Suzhou International Science-Park Data Center (SISDC)

  • Francis Chen is an IT veteran with over 12 years’ industry experiences. He joined SISDC in 2011, and since then has been served as the Manager of Cloud Computing Center, taking the hold of cloud service development and marketing promotion within the organization.
    Chen has a deep understanding over cloud services as he was also involved in advancing a series of national level projects, such as the construction of SISDC Cloud Service Platform, Suzhou Smart City Program, and Political Affairs Cloud, Traffic Cloud as well as State-owned Assets Cloud Program for Suzhou Industrial Park.
    Chen graduated from Telecommunication Engineering major at Jilin University.
  • Title: Software Defined 'GKCLOUDS'
    Abstract:SISDC is designed strictly in compliance with Uptime TIER IV criteria and obtain certification, renowned for its high reliability, high security and high professional cloud service. Since it was put into operation around 6 years ago, SISDC has been dedicated to unleashing the dynamism of enterprises by providing them with quick and smart solutions for corporate’s IT infrastructure deployment, central Network Room construction, Information System maintenance, etc. In this brief, the speaker will introduce in detail the building experience of SISDC and lessons they draw from the process.

Jerry Lu

CTO & Co-founder

TethrNet Technology Inc

  • Jerry Lu is CTO & Co-founder of TethrNet Technology Inc and responsible for company’s technology development,R&D Strategic planning and R&D team management. 17 years products & solution development & leadership experience in communications and networking industry,11 years in Cisco China R&D Centre (CRDC) as engines, manager, sr manager and director for multiple products and multiple product families, including: IOS-XE (ASR1K, ISR4400, CRS1Kv), SMB switching/routing/AP, WLAN controller, CAT6K.
  • Title: How to Build Cloud based Network As You Wish
    Abstract: This presentation will analyze some of common challenges of traditional network from the IDC operators as well as cloud providers perspectives. We will introduce the characteristics of new network technologies such as Intent-based network system (IBNS), Software defined Network(SDN) as well as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and their applications in cloud environment. By sharing some of those solutions and user cases based real requirements, we will discuss new way to design, build and operate the new network to achieve service agility, reliability and efficiency for IDC/Cloud operators without any hardware vendor lock-in.

Track:Internet of Things+

Ajay Malik

Ajay Malik

CTO & Founder,Lunera

Former Head of Architect, Google

  • Ex-Google, Ajay Malik is CTO & Founder of Lunera and responsible for creating the vision for the company; lead the technology development to realize this vision and evangelize the technical approach. With over 25 years of executive engineering leadership and entrepreneurial experience in delivering award-winning innovative products, Ajay joined Lunera from Google, where he was head of architecture and engineering for the worldwide corporate networking business. Prior to Google, Ajay was senior vice president of engineering and products at Meru Networks where he led the transformation of the company’s technology resulting in its acquisition by Fortinet. Ajay has also held executive leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Motorola. Ajay is the author of “RTLS for Dummies” and “Augmented Reality for Dummies”.
  • Title:Edge Computing for IOT
    Abstract: The cloud is too far to ingest millions to billions of records per minute and support needs for IOT, location based analytics, machine learning and so on. There is a need for edge computing i.e. to do computation and data processing right at the edge of the network where IoT connects the physical world to the Cloud. Another way to think of this as need of cloud intelligence closer to the IoT devices. This is also useful in remote locations where it can be difficult to get an internet connection, such as oil rigs or cruise ships, or those in regions with regulations that require that data be kept locally. In this session, we will discuss various architectures and approaches for edge computing.

Luciano Huang

Vice President

IROOTECH Technology

  • Luciano Huang is the vice president of IROOTECH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, taking charge of business operation, focusing on facilitating strategic and digitalization transformation of industrial enterprises in decade.
  • Title: ROOTCLOUD: Industrial Internet Expert & Innovation Enabler
    Abstract: As a machine expert, IROOTECH maximizes the machine value and enables industrial enterprises to do more innovation, aiming to contribute to China traditional industry transformation and make progress in industry.
Tianwei Jing

Tianwei Jing

Chief Marketing Officer


  • Tianwei Jing graduated from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He co-founded a medical startup together with classmates and later joined LeBox Capital in Beijing in 2013. His investment portfolio includes but not limited to EHANG Drones, Slightech Robotics, USens Technology and Starry Asia Entertainment.Early 2016, Tianwei Joined Ruff as the Marketing Vice President. He also lectures at Fudan University and CEIBS.
  • Title:How IoT helps your factories get smarter?
    Abstract: Internet-connected devices are surging in numbers as the development of IoT technology expands. It has become a core driver for any enterprises making strides toward digital transformation, be it in the industrial manufacturing sector or in the smart home sector. How IoT technology transforms a traditional enterprise to digital businesses? How it facilitates the enterprise’s new business models and improves the overall efficiency? In this talk, we will take small and medium factories that lag behind in informatization as an example, and introduce the solution provided by Ruff that helps the factory embrace smart transformation within a week through incorporating IoT technology into the factory floor.
Jing Li

Jing Li


Shanghai Capital

  • Mr. Jing Li is the partner of Shanghai IOT Fund and responsible for providing initial investment for early stage projects that are particularly in areas of Internet-of-Things, Big Data, AI, and Supply Chain Finance. Prior to joining IOT fund, Mr. Li was the General Manager of Capital Operation & Fund Management Department at Shanghai Venture Capital (SHVC), which the company is taking a hold of CNY 6 billion capital and over 50 sub-funds. Mr. Li is also an actively judge and mentor for numerous national contests of IT Innovations.
  • Title:IoT in Cloud and Fog
    Abstract: The concept of Internet-of-things has changed radically over the past decade, however, to date there’s still no application or enterprise that is able to hold the iron grip on the industry. NB-IoT is about to jump on the market while most people are still debating the technical merits of LoRa and other alternatives; It remains unknown about who will win the market supremacy, be it cloud computing or be it fog computing? The number of sensors are increasing at an incredible speed; How IoT is going to evolve over the coming years? What about the relation between IoT and AI in the future?

Track:Cloud & Nework Security

Kai Zhou

Kai Zhou

Vice President


  • Kai Zhou, VP of NSFocus, head of "SaaS Business Group" and "Cloud Platform Dev Center", founder of "NSFocus Cloud (cloud.nsfocus.com)", which provides cloud based Security-aaS services. Before NSFocus, when he worked with IBM SWG, he was the Technical Director of Cloud Computing, also the technical leader of several large cloud and smart city projects.
  • Title:The Challenge and Solution of Hybrid Cloud Security
    Abstract: Hybrid cloud infrastructure has been adopted by more and more customers. It's not only the trend of cloud deployment but also a more reliable and cost effective way to support the unpredicted business growth. While, hybrid cloud security is the new challenge as long as we accept the hybrid model and migrate our IT environment from private to hybrid. The traditional security hardware become valueless in the public cloud environments. New deployment models, new forms of existing products, new technologies, and new approaches will fit in the environment, bridge the gaps and meet the customer’s requirements.

Uday Oali Pabrai



  • Uday Oali Pabrai is a renowned cyber security expert and member of Infragard (FBI). He is a top rated dynamic speaker and chief executive of ecfirst - a compliance and cybersecurity company. ecfirst is an Authorized HITRUST CSF Assessor and a PCI DSS QSA. Ali serves on the HITRUST Assessor Council. Mr. Pabrai is the author of several published works.
  • Title:Asymmetric Attacks Mandate Credible Cyber Defense
    Abstract: Each mission critical system, such as a database or Web application server, may have over 100,000 vulnerabilities that may be exploited. A typical cyber vulnerability assessment discovers over 10% unique open vulnerabilities that can compromise the asset assessed. It takes just one exploit for the Cyber Risk = Disruptive Business Risk! This today translates to a seven or eight figure compliance or breach risk! The threat to industry systems and business in general, today, from cyber-attacks is asymmetric. Attack surfaces are increasing. The combination of IoT+DDoS, ransomware, and other targeted cyberattacks will challenge even the best of security defenses. To ensure enterprises address this asymmetric threat, businesses must implement a credible cybersecurity program. The focus of this brief is to examine core elements of an enterprise cybersecurity program. Objective is for attendees to have an actionable checklist to assess and develop a credible cybersecurity program. From this brief, you will:
    • Understand the state of cyber risk to mission critical systems
    • Walk thru five core areas of a cybersecurity framework
    • Review elements of a credible cybersecurity plan
    • Identify key cyber policies to establish the foundation for a secure infrastructure
    • Examine seven critical steps for establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity program
Larry Zhang

Larry Zhang

Director of Systems Engineering, Greater China


  • Larry Zhang, Director, Systems Engineering, is a F5 authorized spokesperson in Greater China region. He leads pre-sales engineering team in Greater China region to promote SDAS(Software Defined Application Service). Also Mr. Zhang actively participates in lots of key cloud events in China and he is a respected SDAS evangelist in China. Before joining F5, Mr. Zhang took several leading roles in different multinational companies, including Chief Cloud Computing Consultant in Huawei Carrier BG, Greater China Systems Engineering Director in VMware Inc., technical team lead and Systems Engineering Manager in Brocade Communications Systems Inc., Sr. Systems Engineer in VERTIAS Software Corporation and so on.
  • Title:Application security considerations in Multi-Cloud environment
    Abstract: English Abstract: Multi-cloud is adopted by most enterprises today and application security is becoming a hot topic at the same time. All CIOs are facing the new reality: 1. More Apps are getting online every day; 2. Apps refresh more quickly than ever; 3. Cross-cloud application migration is a new normal. In networking layer, improving apps visibility, monitoring apps security real time and mitigating security risks immediately when it occurs are MUST-HAVE capability today. This session will share the practice with audience and help audience to understand new approaches to handle application security challenges.
Zhifeng Cao

Zhifeng Cao

General Manager, Enterprise Division

Ixia China

  • Mr. Cao Zhifeng is the General Manager of IXIA (XXIA) Enterprise Division, responsible for the management of IXIA Enterprise division business in the region. Prior to joining IXIA, Mr. Cao served a lot of multinational companies, including Unisys, Hewlett Packard, Citrix, CA (Computer Associates) and Silicon Valley high-tech start-up company, e.g. Foundry Networks, Bluecoat, etc. Mr. Cao has over 20 years of experience in the IT networking industry, specialized in the network professional services, Gigabit, 10G network routing switch, network load balancing, network security, network optimization, application performance management, and virtualization. With long time working experience in China market, Mr. Cao has a deep understanding of the “go to market” mode in various industries, and lead-in innovation technology in major industries like finance, service provider, large scale manufactory, government, etc.
  • Title: Visibility into Cloud Computing
    Abstract: When applications are hosted in a private data centre of the enterprise, it is reasonably straight forward to implement network visibility for security tools and application performance tools. When applications move to being hosted in a cloud, monitoring still needs to be done for the same security and application performance monitoring reasons. This session explains how to fully implement network visibility in a public cloud to ensure security tools and application performance tools work properly in a cloud.
Jigen Huang

Jigen Huang

Director of Solutions


  • Huang is an experienced expert in the IT industry, with a special focus on cloud data center, network security, and cloud computing technologies. He has designed, planned and led multiple construction projects on core network systems and cloud platform for service providers, as well as security cloud for large financial institutions.
  • Title: Constructing a New Security Protection System of cloud
    Abstract: The way of infrastructure construction is gradually transforming from traditional way to cloud architecture, and traditional security model cannot meet the environmental requirements of current security situation. Additionally, cloud security considered to be significant role in next generation security system. Our research and development team which experienced in the field of cloud and security has put forward a new security system with in-depth adoption of cloud which provide the escort of cloud.

Enterprise CIO Forum

Agatha Poon

Agatha Poon

Research Director, APAC Services

451 Research

  • Poon holds a B.A. degree and an M.B.A. degree in marketing from Ohio University. She was awarded a full scholarship for the MBA program at Ohio University. Poon has been a market research professional for nearly two decades now. Poon joined 451 Research in April of 2010, bringing expertise in cloud computing and business transformation strategies. She is instrumental in providing support for advisory service engagements and leads the research program in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on managed IT and cloud transformation strategies. Particularly, Poon has a high degree of familiarity with the Greater China and Japanese markets, having spent time in these markets as part of her career.
Mi Kuang

Mi Kuang

Director of Digital Finance Business Unit

Shanghai Huarui Bank

  • Mr. Kuang is the Director of the Digital Finance Business Unit at Shanghai Huarui Bank. Prior to SHRB, Mr. Kuang served at Bank of China and IBM China. Mr. Kuang is an industry expert on digital transformation, technology governance, application/infrastructure management, mainframe technology and strategy consulting. During his time at SHRB, Mr. Kuang holds overall responsibility for the sales/marketing efforts of the Digital Finance BU, developed the technology roadmap strategy for the bank, and delivered the core banking system within 54 days, a record within the commercial banking industry.
    Mr. Kuang holds a Master's Degree in Finance from Beijing University.
Wei Yuan

Wei Yuan

General Manager, Information Management Dept


  • Mr. Yuan Wei currently serves as the General Manager of Information Management Dept. at Shangtex Holding. Prior to joining Shangtex, Yuan held leadership positions in several large group corporations, distribution companies, and manufacturing enterprises, responsible for planning and deploying the informatization program within the companies. Yuan was also entitled as a member of ‘Top 100 CIO of China’ and ‘Top 10 Outstanding CIO of Shanghai’.
Hanwen Zhang

Hanwen Zhang

Mobility Product Director, Greater China


  • Honeywell GC Mobility Product Director, focusing on AIDC, IoT, infrastructure, cloud & BD&A over 13y. Publications include “Loyalty 3.0”, “BIG DATA REVOLUTION”, “Business Intelligence and the Cloud”, “Adaptive Leadership” , “Adaptive Sales” & “The Lean Product Playbook”.

Gang Zhao

IT Director

Baosteel Industrial Technology Service

  • Mr. Gang Zhao was the first System Architect at Baosteel Group Corporation. Before moving to Baosteel Industry Technological Service Co.,LTD., he was the core member of the product development team at Baosight Software, the IT software business unit of Baosteel. Zhao’s current area focus is on IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) & smart service solutions for equipment full lifecycle management.
Yu Zhou

Yu Zhou

Head of Blockchain Development & Application

China UnionPay

  • Mr. Yu Zhou is the Senior Director at China UnionPay, with decades of solid experience in electronic payment technologies and innovations. Since 2015, Zhou’s been leading the effort in China UnionPay to advance the development of blockchain technology and to explore various usage scenarios. Under his leadership, successful cooperation between China UnionPay and other financial and non-financial institutions were carried out. Partners on the other side are all industrial giants like Bank of China, China Guangfa Bank, China Everbright Bank, JD.com, Wanda Group, to name a few. Zhou also acts as a leading member in pushing forward several pilot projects within UnionPay application pipeline like Electronic Bill.

Aijun Zhang



  • Zhang joined Laiyifen in 2011, and is now the Chief Information Officer within the company. Prior to this, Zhang worked at NipponPaint, HP China, SAP Research Institution as a financial consultant, and had provided advices for quite a few high-profile cases as those of Lining, Wanglaoji and Gome’s. In addition to being an expert in the fashion and retail business, Zhang also owns extensive experiences in enterprises informaization, particularly in areas of strategic planning, project deployment, and system management.
  • Title: Best Practices from Laiyifen: Driving Business Model Transformation through Cloud
    Abstract: As a company in the traditional Retail and FMCG industry, Laiyifen is expected to usher in a period of high speed development after closing its IPO at the end of 2016. With opportunities and challenges combined at the same time, the role of CIO is critical and requires great competence to direct the corporate’s digital reform and help win the market supremacy. How to deal with the enterprise’s heavy legacy assets appropriately? How to bring agility to the system structure through leveraging cloud capabilities? How to ensure the security of business data during the cloud transition? In this brief, Zhang will share some of his successful experiences as the Laiyifen CIO and address his views on the aforementioned pain points.