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Call For Submission

The deadline for submit your Speaker Proposal – 9th May 2014.

Cloud Connect, produced by UBM Tech and started from Silicon Valley since June 2008,Cloud Connect’ s goal is to chart the course of cloud computing’ s development by bringing together enterprise IT professionals, developers, infrastructure and service providers and cloud computing innovators.

In September of 2013, Cloud Connect China was first held in China at Shanghai International Convention Centre very successfully. During the event, Many outstanding top talents presented information of the most cutting-edge technology in the world and its latest development trends while paying close attention to the China market. There are 1575 attendees which including IT Professionals, Developers, Infrastructure and Service Providers, Equipment Providers, Data Center, E-commerce, Finance, Gaming, Health care, Manufacturing and Energy etc. Also, there are 48 top Global Speakers,22 Sponsors,and 40 China and Global Media Partners join the event.

The event and the experience is generated by people like you, dealing with the most relevant topics that are impacting developers today. So we invite you to submit your proposals, and we look forward to hearing your ideas.


We invite topics including (but not limited to) the following areas:

  1. Cloud economics and strategy
  2. Big Data
  3. Cloud Service Models
  4. Technical Architecture and Enterprise Application
  5. Cloud Computing Data Center
  6. Industry Application
  7. Open Source Cloud
  8. Cloud Security

Presentation Formats

As you can see below, there are multiple time period choices. It's up to you to select the appropriate duration for your session.

45-min Lectures

Lectures are issue-oriented, provide concrete examples, and contain both practical and theoretical information. They are 60 minutes long (including answering questions from the audience). We generally prefer only one speaker but we may accept two if you can demonstrate the second person is necessary.

Half-Day/Full-Day Workshops

Workshops (simply) must teach attendees new skills. Think of this as (informal) classroom training. It can be interactive; you can have them work in teams; you can give them challenges; you can include competitions. The result of the time period MUST be that they'll feel they've learned something truly useful in cloud computing knowledge and make more informed business decisions.

NOTE: We do NOT supply any hardware (like laptops) for the attendees. If you need them to bring anything with them, this must be CLEARLY stated in your abstract.

Submission Form

The submission form will ask you for these five key items:

  1. Contact information
    Please provide full contact information and include a short biography.
  2. Session Title
    Please provide the speech title both in Chinese and English.
  3. Session description
    A description of your presentation as you would have it appear in the conference program in 300 words or less.
  4. What knowledge will the attendee gain or benefit from attending your session?
    In 200 words or less, describe what attendees will learn from your session.
  5. Outline/Extended abstract
    Provide a description of your presentation in greater detail, absolutely no proposal will be considered without it. You can either enter your extended abstract in the provided text box, or upload a text file (in .txt format). For submissions using the input box, please limit your expanded description to 500 words. For submissions using the file upload, limit your expanded description to one to two pages.

Speaker Expectations

When you agree to speak at Cloud Connect China, you are making a commitment to deliver a well prepared talk and to speak on the topic you have proposed. We ask that you do not drastically change the submitted topic or content. The talk you present must be the talk that was submitted and accepted.

We expect our speakers to submit a presentation in both English and Chinese version for the online conference archives.

The submitter also agrees to be available to present his/her session during any day of Cloud Connect China (September 16-18, 2014).

Submission Process

The Advisory Board will review and rate submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Concept: This is the basic idea of your submission. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Will it be beneficial for game developers to hear? There is plenty of room for innovative ideas and also the tried and true.
  • Depth: • Is the basic idea well considered and thought out? To what extent will the audience gain insight? The more in-depth, the better.
  • Organization: Are your ideas conducive to present in front of an audience? Will the Advisory Board understand what you are trying to say? Organization helps.
  • Credentials: How do your credentials qualify you to speak on the topic you have proposed?


How do I propose a vendor-specific session?
We want our talks to be opportunities for cloud computing professional to share their ideas and experiences. Proposals that are commercial or marketing in nature will not be considered. In general, content specific to proprietary products and technologies is considered sponsored material. The Advisory Board and conference management reserve the right to exercise their editorial discretion. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for more information on sponsorship opportunities, including sponsored sessions (single lecture, full-day/half-day workshop day).

When will I be notified of the status of my submission?
You will receive an automated email response once your submission is received. We will notify you of the status of your submission via e-mail within 60 days of the submission deadline. If you do not hear from us, please contact Hubert Guan,

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